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The Ancient Practice of Reflexology

Feet, Face and Hands


Reflexology is a complementary therapy generally carried out on bare feet. It is an ancient practice which dates back to 2330BC. In essence the feet are believed to be minimaps of your body and by taking a reflexology journey we will release tension, imbalances and blockages found on route. More importantly it helps install a wonderful sense of relaxation which then encourages your body to find a state of balance and holistic well being.

Each treatment starts as an observation of your feet, a cleanse, followed by a full reflexology routine. This is carried out using my hands on both of your feet (or hands if unable to work on areas of foot), this will be followed by some aftercare advice. Treatments can be enjoyed while lying down or in a seated position - you can even choose to sit in your own favourite seat.

I also offer a facial reflexology routine which can include treatment of your head if requested.

It is great to allow yourself the opportunity to experience different therapies. Reflexology will hopefully leave you in a very relaxed state of mind.


Pregnant? Then Maternity Reflexology is a treatment you and your growing baby deserve. I recommend monthly treatments up to week 37, followed by weekly sessions.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage &

Combined Decongestive Therapy


MLD is a special form of massage (skin technique) which was developed in Europe in the 1930's by Dr E Vodder. The techniques which are now used during a treatment have since been refined and developed for both therapeutic and medical use (including CDT).

MLD is a gentle rhythmic therapy that stimulates your skin and the initial lymphatic vessels which are only 0.3mm below the surface. The lymphatic system is an amazing network that runs through your body as vessels, nodes and organs. It is a complicated filtering system that removes and breaks down viruses, bacteria and harmful substances found in your body. More importantly it is the home of our defense system. Our immune system is activated in our lymphatic system.

The MLD routine activates and enhances the overall effect on your lymphatic system. Due to the specialised unique movements it is far more relaxing than a conventional massage, its calming effect helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure. Conditions and pathologies such as oedemas, haemotomas, fibromyalgia, fibrosis, scar tissue and other disorders in head and neck can be treated with MLD. It is also a recommmended therapy after cosmetic procedures, it stimulates wound healing. If you have been diagnosed with

Lymphoedema or Lipoedema then both MLD and CDT are here to help.

Every season brings us something new. Remember it takes time to flourish




To get the best from either therapy I offer up to 60 minute sessions at your home. This will include a chat about what you would like from each individual treatment. If you choose Reflexology the treatment is carried out with you seated on a reclining chair - which I bring along, or a portable massage table if you are going to enjoy MLD. If you require Head to Toe attention then you also have the option of combining the two treatments.

Our very first session will include a confidential consultation and your medical history will be required - this will help me to adjust the complementary therapy to your specific needs.

If you wish me to focus on any particular requirements or conditions then I generally encourage you to have approximately 6 weekly sessions for either therapy. However if you require MLD for pre and post operative conditions you will see faster results from daily sessions - this can be reassessed after each treatment.

An agreed programme of treatments is most beneficial for my Lymphoedema and Lipoedema Clients.

To reward yourself with a well deserved relaxing therapeutic treatment then both Reflexology and MLD can be enjoyed as stand alone therapies.

Contact Details

Please contact me by phone or email for appointment availability and I will respond as quickly as possible.


Mobile: 07957 22 54 88

Email: clara@clarafication.co.uk


I am always keen to answer any questions you may have so feel free to get in touch.


You can also find my details via the following weblinks:


Home Visit

Prices are based on home visits to the following postal areas in London SW15, SW18 & SW19.

NB: Please appreciate I can only offer home visits if convenient parking is available and there is easy access for carrying and setting up my equipment.


Reflexology 60mins @£60

Pregnancy Reflexology 60mins @£60

MLD 45mins @£55

MLD 60mins @£70

MLD facial & reflexology 60mins @£65


I do offer visits to Clients outwith the above postcodes. Prices for these appointments are available on application.



Buy a block of 5 treatments in advance and you will receive the 6th treatment for free.

Gift vouchers are available if you wish to offer someone else a treatment(s).

Payments can be made by bank transfer, cash, card and or paypal.


Clinic Visit

If a home visit is not ideal for you, I offer clinics at Southfields Physio in Southfields & Wandsworth, Pro Physiotherapy in Earlsfield, and Wimbledon Village Osteo & Jiva Health in Wimbledon. Please get in touch with me directly and we can book in an appointment.


Clinic Treatment prices

Reflexology 60mins @£55

Pregnancy Reflexology 60mins @£55

MLD 60mins @£65

MLD & reflexology 90mins @£85

Cancellation Policy

Things happen - so if you need to cancel your appointment please contact me as soon as possible on 07957 22 54 88 - leaving a message is great as this will allow someone else the opportunity to make a booking.

To avoid a full cancellation fee please contact me 24 hours prior to your treatment time.

Clarafication- South London based holistic therapist. Lymphoedema practitioner offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder Method),

Combined Decongestive Therapy

and Reflexology at your home.

Private Clinics available at Southfields Physio, Wimbledon Village Osteo, Pro Physiotherapy & Jiva Health

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